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3 miles into our ride this AM we ran into some interesting Iowa clouds. Strong winds blew it through pretty quickly. We stayed dry… And saw it as an another opportunity to marvel at the beauty of this state.

nprontheroad is a brilliant idea for a blog.
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Y’all honestly don’t understand how beautiful this jawn is. Like honestly it goes so hard…. Like honestly… like here.

this is nice.

“Hollywood has this psychology—there’s this whole plantation mentality where it’s all about power and someone trying to impose their values on you. It’s nuts, they’ll tell you how to tell stories about people they never really came into contact with. Executives, story readers, development executives don’t interact with people other than their kind so how would they know what’s acceptable to people of color? It is not about and never has been about supplying a diverse look at life. It is all from and for a white audience. And because of that fact this group of people who determines what the world sees have no idea, not a clue as to reality. It is a product of arrogance and power. Input from you is viewed as a personal attack. If you try to go beyond stereotypes and reflect real people who share the same concerns as everyone else, you’re told that your characters aren’t “black” enough, or to use more curse words because the language isn’t “real” enough. You have to have drugs and gangsters. Some person who saw To Sleep With Anger said, “I didn’t know that black people had washing machines!” Where did they get that notion? Well, it was an honest observation in a way because Hollywood shows us poor and grimy without any means of support except if you are a rapper or prostitute or selling drugs. They have this notion of what films should be, and what the realities of your environment are, and if you come up with what is real, that becomes unreal to them, in a sense. It’s important to tell your own story, and when you see other people telling your story, and [when] someone denies you your reality, and is telling you what your family and your grandmother are like—how outrageous can it get? You have to be able to tell your stories and share them with the rest of the world. How else are things supposed to change?”

- Charles Burnett

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Sequel to Surrogate Valentine… Word of Caution- It’s a bit darker than the first because it’s a “breakup movie.” I kind of like those though.

My top 5 (this will probably change tomorrow)

  1. High Fidelity,
  2. Her
  3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,
  4. Annie Hall,
  5. The Lonely Guy,

What are some of your favorite “break up movies?”

Great indie movie made by tumblr friends gohnakamura, thickdumplingskin's Lynn Chen, and garychou