New York Jews, San Francisco Chinamen, Cleveland Indians

There was a poem a while back entitled ‘Why I Won’t Buy A Jeep Cherokee’ that had a roll call of imagined offensive team names like the ‘New England Niggers’ and the ‘Long Island Wetbacks’ (if I remember correctly.)  I thought it was a Reg E. Gaines joint but I can’t seem to find a reference to it anywhere. -yatta.

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Oh, wow… This does put it in proper perspective.

timblelog: National Congress of American Indians - 1 
People Who Think This is Not Racist - 0

Rafer sez:
I grew up watching Chief Knockahoma run around his teepee at Atlanta Braves’ games. The corporate racism is beyond ridiculous at this point. That said, I’d buy and wear that hat on the left in a minute (because it’s not the logo of business entity). Take back the power.

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