Thank you, Rocketboom. Hello, World.

I’m announcing that after nearly four years I’m leaving Rocketboom. I couldn’t have asked for better coworkers at Rocketboom and will always have fond memories of the videos we’ve created, the services we’ve built, and the community we’ve made. Thanks for that, Andrew. I wish you nothing but the best. 

Most of all, I will be grateful that, over the last few years, Jamie WilkinsonEllie Rountree and I were able to seed, grow, and foster a venture like Know Your Meme. It’s more than just a documentation and analysis project but a culture and a community. I’m confident that the work we created there will continue to speak to the current and future of Internet culture. We had some of the best internet meme experts working with us including Chris MenningGreg LeuchBrad KimDon CaldwellPatrick DavisonMike RugnettaAJ MazurAmanda BrennanOlivia Gulin, and James Wu, and I am grateful to all of them.

After four years, it is time for me to move on. I am looking forward to exploring new and exciting opportunities and projects and will take some time to focus on family and friends. In the meantime, you can keep up with me via blogTwitterTumblr, and Facebook.

(big image at the top by the awesome Diana Levine)


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    also a friend and an inspiration. I wish him the best, but know that he’s likely already fielding calls.
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