How To Pull Off a Rickroll In Real Life.

So here’s the thing. I’m not stupid. I’ve known about the Rickroll since way back when. I use the rickrolldb. Hell, we even produced an episode on the Rickroll for Rocketboom. Which is why I should have known better before clicking on this link in my Tumblr dashboard:

Yeah, dumbass = me. Don’t click on this link, btw. Unless you’re also a dumbass.

Anyway, I wanted to rickroll Tim Shey back for my own dumbassedness. The problem was, I knew he’d be too smart to just click on a link. I had to take it one step further.

I had to rickroll him IRL.

After a quick search for singing telegrams in New York City, I called several as to their availability and eventually settled on Preppygrams, Yeah, it was a little expensive but why the frak not. I emailed the service with my request:

To which he replied:

In order for this to work, I needed someone on the inside. That’s where Tim’s co-worker(s) came in. (I’m leaving their names out of this lest they become the targets of some sort of retaliation. Friendly fire is never good.) I called Tim’s coworkers in search of someone I could rely on. Someone who would get the joke and help fulfill my mission.

Okay, cool. I’ve got someone on the inside. After some back and forth scheduling both the messenger service and the meeting, all looked good… until the morning of launch:

Shit! I need a new co-conspirator, but the more people we bring in on this, the greater the risk of being found out. This must be what it feels like to try to smuggle defecting spies out of the Soviet Bloc during the cold war. I email someone else and get their complicity.

I call everyone one more time just to make sure the plan is set. Then I wait. And wait. And wait.

Finally, I get news of the results via Twitter:

Woohoo! After a couple of hours the video shows up online:

Live Rickroll FTW!

Big thanks to NextNewNetworks for being a good sport.

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