Nothing Will Ever Be The Same You Are Going To Mess Up Everything.

There is a connection between hip hop, internet memes, and creative fandoms and if you want to understand the future of what we like to call the “audience” you need to understand this one thing above all else.

I gave this talk last week at MPJC in Amsterdam. It was fun.

I’m going to convert my slides into a series of blog posts over the next week or so.


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    This talk by Kenyatta Cheese is excellent.
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  3. kthread said: Genius move putting the live episode next to the Tumblr experience to replicate the fan experience with screens together. Full of jewels as usual from Kenyatta.
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    I really dug this. Super insightful. He cites this article about TV writers essentially writing content to be buzzworthy...
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    What an amazing title. I am excited to watch this! Kenyatta, you are the best and I miss listening to you talk about...
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