I have no idea if people even pay attention when I stop posting reblogging but the past few weeks have been Cray-Z enough that I thought I should write a thing.

I did a talk in Amsterdam explaining fandom to Euro broadcasters by way of talking about the Doctor Who Tumblr. And I did it because I like that topic and people should talk about topics that they enjoy.

Kevin Slavin and I spent a few days shooting footage for a short film on fandom with the lovely and talented people at m ss ng p eces. It’ll be used for the Future of Storytelling Conference in October 2013. Last year’s version of the conference was one of my highlights of 2012.

I had a few good planning chats about my Corporate Personhood Project. Start date will be in the Fall. (These words link to a page where I explain the thing.)

Tricia is in the final stages of her dissertation about the Elastic Self so I helped her move to a farmhouse upstate to concentrate on her thinkings. Oh yeah, and she took Elle The Dog with her.

I’m about to head out to San Diego for Comic Con where I’m organizing the 2nd Annual Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup for the fine folks at BBC America. If you’re a Whovian and you’re in the area, come by. It should be fun.

Now I’m preparing notes for a panel I’m on (with An Xiao Mina) at Media Evolution’s The Conference in Malmo. It’s going to be about memes and reaction gifs as visual language and communication device. (An Xiao just did a talk on Chinese internet culture at TEDGlobal, btw. Keep an eye out for the video.)

And burying the lede, I got tired of writing criticism about poorly run brand Tumblr blogs and decided to do something about it so I’ve started a consultancy that makes lovable Tumblrs for brands that people love and teaches them how to stay that way. It’s called Everybody at Once. Slavin is the co-founder. It also involves other brilliant and clever people which we’ll be announcing soon. And we’re hiring so if you know of anybody who loves the internet, enjoys pop culture, and knows how to build gifs and community in equal parts, please send them my way. (I should probably pull this out into a separate post so I will.)

Ok. That felt good. I now know why people write these things. Typing this out just organized all of this in my head. If you’ve read this far, thank you for helping me organize things.  

In other news: when you do a Google image search for “Where you bean?” the image above is what comes up. Also this image.

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