Lecture: Manuel DeLanda on Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason 6/9 at eyebeam.org

Renowned Deleuzian scholar and philosopher of technology Manuel DeLanda discusses his new book Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason (Continuum, 2011), a philosophical overview of the rapidly growing field of computer simulations. Simulations have become as important as mathematical models in theoretical science. As computer power and memory have become cheaper they have migrated to the desktop where they now take the place of small-scale experiments. A philosophical examination of the epistemology of simulations is needed to understand their new role, underlining the consequences that simulations may have for materialist philosophy itself. This remarkably clear discussion from a thinker working at the intersection of science and the humanities is a must-read for anyone interested in the philosophy of technology and the philosophy of science.

The lecture is presented by Eyebeam’s book store, and occurs in tandem with the exhibit BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body at Eyebeam June 2 - Aug 6.

Must attend.

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