Kevin O’Callaghan’s students at the School of Visual Arts, New York, recently used bikes to deliver a message instead of packages or pizza.

Each semester, O’Callaghan provides a set of objects as a starting point—phone booths, typewriters, M16 rifles—and an intentionally open-ended project brief. Special Delivery, the most recent show to come out of the class, used Huffy bicycles.

In a nod to the cyclists who zip around New York’s streets at all hours, O’Callaghan asked students to design bikes that could each deliver a specific message. Sherry Leung’s bicycle, for example, alludes to the challenge of using water sustainably; Steve Pellegrino’s bike is particularly apropos for this election year. Transforming literal vehicles into figurative ones teaches a lesson about the communicative functions of design.

(via Object Lessons | Metropolis Magazine)

Very cool. Click to embiggen.

"A Second Avenue bike lane is next to the Israeli consulate, leaving many wondering what would happen if a man on a bike were a terrorist.”


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