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"Soon there will be no such thing as your music library. There will be no such thing as your music. We had it all wrong! Information doesn’t want to be free, it wants to be a commodity. It wants to be packaged into apps that differ only in terms of interface and pricing models. It wants to be rented. It wants to reveal nothing too personal, because we broadcast it to Facebook and we should probably turn on a private session so our boss doesn’t see that we listen to Anaconda on repeat and think we’re high at work. (Point of information: Why is he on Facebook at work?)"
Forgiveness Rock Record
Sentimental X's
by Broken Social Scene
433 plays

Broken Social Scene - Sentimental X’s

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Couldn't Get It Right
by Climax Blues Band
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Climax Blues Band - Couldn’t Get It Right

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Voice of Reason
by Haywyre & Galimatias
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Y’all honestly don’t understand how beautiful this jawn is. Like honestly it goes so hard…. Like honestly… like here.

this is nice.

Ongoing Thing
by 20syl
239 plays

20syl - Ongoing Thing (feat Oddisee)

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Yu nuh ready fi dis yet
by Tanya Stephens
191 plays

Tanya Stephens - Yuh nuh ready fi dis yet

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Apocalypse Dreams
Apocalypse Dreams
by Tame Impala
385 plays

Tame ImpalaApocalypse Dreams

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Breaking Atoms
Looking At The Front Door
by Main Source
263 plays

Main Source - Looking At The Front Door

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